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Production systems

Production capacity is locked in design

The production line design stage can be very critical from the perspective of the company’s profitability.

Enmac’s complete service package is comprised of the preliminary reports and work in the background performed together with the customer so that the production investment covers current requirements as well as the demands of the future. By simulation, capacity requirements are identified as well as, for example, the needs for doubling equipment due to fault sensitivity or capacity demands.

An operator that is brand-free

Enmac is a brand-free operator – so we can choose, for each project, the genuinely best supplier / technical requirements, whilst taking quality and costs into account.  The manufacturer is selected from our extensive network domestically or from abroad, depending on the machine shop requirements.

Piece handling in accordance with requirement

Enmac’s experts have extensive experience from piece-handling lines. In the production line projects, the size of electronic pieces varies from two-gramme components to wind turbine assembly lines handling volumes totalling 250 tonnes.

On a yearly level, the line volumes can range from a few to tens of thousands of pieces.  The starting points and requirements in this respect vary substantially, and only with experience and expertise is it possible to find the appropriate solution for all needs.

Mining industry lines on a tailored basis

Mining industry materials are handled at mines, ports and processing plants. The materials are often valuable or detrimental, so control of dust, for example, should be given attention. Many realised ore silos and long conveyors as well as weighing and sampling projects ensure success in these projects.

Paper-processing industry

Enmac’s DNA originates from the paper-processing industry.  The first phase of the company in the 1980s focused on paper and cellulose equipment as well as the processing of raw wood. There are thus implemented projects from a period lasting 40 years domestically in Finland, but quite extensively on the international level as well.

The large investment projects from sawmill lines to drying machines and rollers are quite familiar to our experts.

We resolve requirements on a customer-specific basis

Enmac’s experts can be of assistance in the role of designer, in supervising production and deployment, and in working in modernisation and new investments. Enmac’s role can also be that of a system supplier, whereupon the customer receives the lines with only one contract required and sole liability on a turnkey basis. A suitable solution model is found together, through open discussion.


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