System deliveries customized to your needs

We deliver equipment and systems that meet your requirements on a turnkey basis. System deliveries include design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

In equipment deliveries, we help you determine what kind of equipment you need. After this:

  • We prepare the plans and the necessary strength reviews
  • We choose the most suitable suppliers from our extensive network
  • We supervise and manage the manufacturing
  • We carry out the necessary testing
  • We fit out the device and deliver it to the destination within the deadline
  • If necessary, we carry out installation, commissioning and final testing

The scope of system deliveries is agreed in advance on a case-by-case.

We have long-standing experience with domestic and foreign machine shops and component suppliers. Among the benefits of the network model is the scalability of production; we can implement large projects by distributing production to different parties. Our references include the delivery of nuclear equipment and equipment for the defence industry. We are also a KUKA Robotics official system partner.

Equipment for different industries

We always design and implement a machine or device that meets your needs, with the efficiency and technology meeting your needs – we are not industry-dependent. We provide system deliveries to the following industries, among others:

  • Technology industry
  • Energy industry
  • Defence equipment industry
  • “Special lifting and transport”
  • Maritime
  • Logistics

We also supply equipment with the Private Label model, which means, we brand the product completely according to your company’s other production. This allows your product sales to be channeled through your sales channel and offering a wider service to your customers without disrupting production.

Production lines and equipment

  • Project management
  • Specification of technical requirements
  • Design
  • Supplier selection and procurement
  • Supervision of manufacturing
  • Installation supervision
  • Commissioning
  • CE marking

Regardless of the industry, in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the industry.

Robotinc cells

  • Automated and customized robotic cells for all industrial needs.

Lifting accessories

  • Custom lifting and transport accessories
  • Specification of lifting and installation concepts
  • Preparation of lifting, transport and hauling plans
  • Supervision of lifting and transfer work
  • CE marking
  • Safe custom-made solutions


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Equipment and turnkey deliveries

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