Design services for the field of mechanical engineering

Enmac's expert technical design service covers a wide range of engineering and mechanical design assignments:

• Machine design
• Production planning
• Vehicle design
• Steel structure design
• Casting design
• Lifting and transfer equipment design
• Device design
• Plant design (including nuclear power plants)
• Process design
• Piping design
• Layout-design
• Safety structures design
• Installation surveillance
• Operating and maintenance support
• CE-Documentation
• Preparation of manufacturing documents

Project management keeps work on schedule

We also serve as a competent, precise and reliable project manager in our customers’ business-critical design projects. We make sure that demanding projects are carried out with quality, timeliness and within budget.


High-quality plant and process design

Plant and process design services, such as comprehensive design assignments and demanding project management tasks, are also included in our range of services. Our design service covers the design of new plants, operation and maintenance planning as well as modernization projects.

Process industry and nuclear power plants

Our plant and process design clients include plant suppliers, processing industry operators, companies working with renewable forms of energy, traditional boiler plants as well as nuclear power plants.

Interactive and documented services

Our design projects are always carried out in collaboration with the customer and the teams are built from among Enmac’s professionals to provide the best possible service for each customer. Documentation is always an integral element in high-quality mechanical engineering at Enmac. If necessary, we can take overall responsibility for the development and management of documentation. Depending on the customer’s need, the service can include for example:

  • Spare parts, operational and maintenance manuals
  • Risk analyses
  • Manufacturing and assembly instructions as well as
  • Documents required to obtain a CE marking.

Technical design using 3D modeling

In connection with mechanical engineer projects, we can also take care of the organization and supervision of purchases and manufacturing on behalf of the customer. In addition, the delivery of products as complete solutions is also included in our services. 3D modelling and concrete samples ensure that design work is done precisely and right the first time.

Our products

Lifting equipment and fall protection structures as customized turnkey solutions.

Demanding mechanical engineering projects

See how Enmac’s expertise has been harnessed to support our customers. 

Enmac – The Magic in Engineering

A responsible and committed partner for demanding mechanical engineering.

Quality and efficiency

All our projects are carried out in accordance with a certified operating system (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007) and in close cooperation with the customers.

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