Competitive advantage through product development

Enmac’s product development services comprise of the development of new products, modernization of existing products and management of overall product development projects. The optimum customer-specific solution is achieved by combining analytic product development methods with a strong business vision and creative thinking. 

New and modernized quality

When developing new products Enmac’s service covers the entire product development process from feasibility studies, pre-planning and conceptualization all the way through to the product launch. Creativity allows us to develop the optimal product for each customer.

Modernization is a process to develop the properties of an existing product and take them to a new level, for example by improving the product’s energy efficiency or by reducing its manufacturing costs. Enmac has the expertise to find new and improved ways to approach existing applications.

The overall management of product development projects as a service provided by Enmac typically covers the management of the entire project: resourcing and scheduling, determination of the supply and manufacturing chain, supervision of prototype and zero series manufacturing as well as project documentation.


Industrial design and 3D printing support product development

Industrial design is always an integral part of product development at Enmac. The aim of industrial design is to ensure that the product offers the highest possible level of safety and comfort. It is also possible to impact the product’s manufacturing process and costs as well as the choice of materials and appearance by means of design, which makes it an essential part of product development.

The 3D printing service enhances the design process by offering tangible samples to facilitate communication which supports the design work. This service also saves costs and speeds up the project as it is less expensive to make changes at an early stage of the design process and a 3D model helps minimize the possibility of defects in the final product.

Our products

Lifting equipment and fall protection structures as customized turnkey solutions.

Creative product development solutions

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Enmac – The Magic in Engineering

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Quality and efficiency

All our projects are carried out in accordance with a certified operating system (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007) and in close cooperation with the customers.

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