Structural analysis, fluid analysis and technical simulations done with solid expertise

Enmac’s expert services include demanding structural and fluid analyses, structural optimization, simulations and calculations as well as demanding technical problem-solving solutions – with quality, precision and accuracy. Professionally conducted technical analyses and simulations allow us to enhance our customers’ processes, to produce savings in costs and to ensure safety and conformity.

Strength calculation for machines, equipment and structures

Structural analysis ensures the safety and functionality of a product and optimizes the manufacturing costs. Typical structures being analysed include various types of moving machinery, machine parts, pressure equipment, load-carrying structures as well as both composite and plastic structures. Enmac performs accurate static, dynamic and structural analysis as well as stability and heat transfer analyses quickly and reliably.

Design calculations for equipment and piping

Our expertise in pressure equipment and pipeline calculations is based on our specialists’ diverse experience in various types of pressure applications. Demanding FEM analyses and calculations based on formulas are always carried out in accordance with the relevant standards.

In addition to mechanical analyses, we also perform thermal calculations for heat exchangers.


Strengthened product development through fluid simulation

With computational fluid dynamics, by simulating fluid flows, the performance of a product or process can be assessed and optimized during the design and product development stage. Doing simulations is a quick and inexpensive method and remarkably more accurate than the results achieved through testing.

More detailed design with flow simulations

Simulations offer more detailed information on a flow field than measuring with traditional methods. Computational fluid dynamics allows us to examine, for example, the performance of a product in terms of fluids, gases and chemical reactions. It also enables us to predict the distribution of flows affecting the performance of a machine or process as well as flow speeds, pressure losses and heat transfer. Furthermore, it makes it possible to determine the effect of demanding phenomena, including the impact of wind and waves on a structure.

Cost-effectiveness and safety

Accurate knowledge of various phenomena affecting the product makes it safe and durable as well as cost-effective through material optimization. We serve our customers in demanding problem-solving challenges with an open mind, courage and creativity, determined to find an optimal customer-specific solution.

Better performance with structural optimization

Structural optimization can be used to find the structure the best possible performance or cost of manufacturing. Target functions, variables, and limitations may be different physical properties of the structure such as strength, flow or heat transfer. For example, the mass of the structure can be minimized so that the structural strength and stiffness requirements are met. Particularly in 3D printing the topology optimization plays an important role so that all the benefits of 3D manufacturing technology will be exploited and printing costs will be minimized.

Our products

Lifting equipment and fall protection structures as customized turnkey solutions.

Solid analysis expertise

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Quality and efficiency

All our projects are carried out in accordance with a certified operating system (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007) and in close cooperation with the customers.

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