Enmac Service offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services that prevent breakdowns and extend the life cycle of devices. You can count on us to support you in all situations and help you make the most of your devices. With the Service & Retrofit service, you ensure reliable maintenance, maximum usability and a long service life for your devices.

Optimized performance and extended life time

Do you want to improve the performance and reliability of your production plant? Enmac Service helps you modernize your current equipment so that they are more energy efficient, more productive and more environmentally friendly. With our modernization service, you can assess the condition and life of your equipment and smoothly change to new products without unplanned interruptions.

Our life cycle assessment gives you a clear picture of the state and life cycle stage of your devices. Enmac Service offers you suitable maintenance programs that optimize the reliability and performance of your equipment. Our life cycle assessment also suggests you the best renewal and upgrade options that will extend the life of your devices.

Better decision-making based on data analyses

Enmac Service offers you digital solutions and expertise that help you make better decisions regarding your equipment and processes. Benefit from real-time monitoring of your devices’ performance and energy consumption, which facilitates the development of your business and cost management.

By combining our connectivity solutions, data analysis and service expertise, you get unique advantages. By analyzing the data collected from your devices, you get more detailed information about the status of devices and prosesses. You can take advantage of analyzed data and our extensive maintenance expertise to make comprehensive business decisions.

Fast problem solving and cost savings

When you encounter unexpected problems, Enmac Service experts are ready to help you. Our service includes fast repairs at the place of use. We restore your device to working condition quickly and reduce losses caused by interruptions. Our engineers are experienced and knowledgable with various devices and situations.

Service contract tailored to your company’s needs

With the help of the Enmac Service contract, you can keep your equipment in reliable and efficient working condition throughout its entire life time.

As your partner, we can offer you top maintenance expertise, uniform processes and advanced technology. We help you plan, coordinate and implement maintenance according to the criticality and needs of your equipment.

A customized operating model supports the planning of the maintenance budget and the implementation of maintenance in the long term.

Our Service & Retrofit services to support your processes


  • High-quality maintenance services
  • Professional installation supervision and commissioning
  • Efficient advance maintenance
  • Guaranteed spare parts and repair services
  • Fast repairs at the place of use


  • Versatile modernization services
  • Advanced hardware and control updates
  • A practical retrofit solution
  • Efficient equipment renovations and equipment modernizations

Performance and data analyses

  • High-quality data and analysis
  • Comprehensive life cycle analysis of the equipment base
  • Useful energy view
  • Intelligent remote condition monitoring
  • Pre-emptive maintenance

Customized service contract

  • Flexible contracts
  • Regular advance maintenance according to the calendar
  • Comprehensive maintenance management
  • Fast response time contracts
  • Handy spare device service
  • Expert remote support
  • Professional technical support
  • Reliable emergency service

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