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Safety and environmental services – expertise for your business and the environment

We take care of the environmental protection and regulatory requirements of your industrial site. Our special expertise includes the assessment of the environmental protection, safety and compliance of new plant projects and existing plants, including risk and quality management, hazard assessments, chemical surveys, safety documents and ATEX classifications

The basis for our work is flexible and customer-oriented service. We always specify the subject, scope, purpose, schedule and objectives of the assignment. Based on the specification, we build a high-quality, traceable and cost-efficient operating model. This ensures that your project goes smoothly and sustainably.

HSEQ services

Compliance assessments

Our experts investigate whether the operation of the plant meets the requirements of tightening laws and regulations. Compliance is established based on the plant documents, a plant tour and interviews with the personnel. A report is prepared on the inspection, specifying the status of the plant as well as the areas that require attention. At the same time, the need to update documents is reviewed. In connection with the compliance assessment, we propose measures to improve the safety of the plant.

Chemical safety, handling and storage

We offer comprehensive environmental services for the handling and storage of chemicals. The services include chemical surveys, risk assessment, planning, procurement and supervision of implementation. We implement chemical storage change projects cost-efficiently, including oil treatment tank areas, pumping stations, fuel distribution stations and industrial chemical handling sites.

Danger and risk assessment and ATEX

Our expertise includes risk and hazard assessments of new plant projects and existing industrial and energy production plants, the preparation and updating of safety documents, as well as the assessment of the risk of explosion and ATEX classifications. Environmental services also include risk management: we always manage and take into consideration not only environmental risks, but also the assessment of the health and safety risks of operations.


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