A project manager was needed for the replacement of non-return valves, a sub-project of the turbine modernisation of a nuclear power plant. The project had to be carried out exactly on schedule, as the production loss costs caused by a delay in the ramp-up of the power plant could exceed the total costs of the maintenance project in one day.


Enmac sent a project manager to the site to take care of the smooth replacement project of the non-return valves of the intermediate intakes with a maximum diameter of one metre, located in the turbines of the nuclear power plant. Project management was carried out in accordance with the extremely strict quality requirements of nuclear power plant projects.


Thanks to high-quality project management, the project stuck to plans and was completed exactly on schedule, as the supervision worked at different stages of the project and there was a quick and front-loaded response to problem areas. The goals set for the project in planning were achieved and the budgeting was successful.