Our design teams are supported by the HSEQ group consisting of our own employees. The members of the group are professionals in their technical field, who not only master engineering work, but also deepen their knowledge in the areas of legislation. They defend safety and compliance at every turn!

Thanks to the support of the HSEQ group, we can face complex obligations such as the machinery directive, the ATEX directives and the construction product regulation, as well as national regulations such as the occupational safety act, the electricity act and the chemical act with courage and confidence. They make sure that sustainability and environmental protection goals are also met in our projects.

Our HSEQ team doesn’t just look for answers – they find them. They are like detectives solving compliance puzzles, on assignments large and small. Thanks to their work, we can be sure that everything we do is safe, responsible and above all – legal. They help our design teams make the world a better place for all of us.