Machine safety is a key factor in the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of machines and automation systems. Machine safety not only prevents dangers and personal injuries caused by machines, but also creates the conditions for high quality, performance and ease of use of machines. Machine safety is an investment that pays for itself.

Machine safety is a challenging and versatile field that requires extensive knowledge and skills from those working with machines. Legislation and standards related to machine safety are constantly changing, so following and applying them requires expertise. Machine safety also requires systematic risk management and the utilization of new technologies and solutions.

Our machine safety experts are trained machine safety professionals who master the various aspects of safety and are able to put them into practice. They are pioneers in machine safety who follow the development and latest innovations in their field. Our experts and trainers are:

Katri Laine, Project Manager, Machine Safety Master (Kiwa Inspecta)
Atte Hakala, Chief Designer, Machine Safety Expert (Kiwa Inspecta)
Joonas Pöllänen, Electrical designer, machine safety devices