Electrical safety structures improve the loading of chemicals in Joutseno

At Kemira Chemicals Oy’s Joutseno plant, there was a need to improve the safety of the plant’s lye and hypochlorite loading lines. In the old loading location, safe access to the tanker truck was not taken into account, which also slowed down the loading processes. The modernization project started with a preliminary design carried out by Enmac, which defined the new fall-preventing safety structures for the loading area as well as other necessary changes and extensions to the previous loading area. In addition, necessary plumbing changes were taken into account to facilitate operation and maintenance.


Kemira’s project manager Petri Myller says that Enmac was selected as a partner for the loading station modernization project for several reasons: “From our point of view, the ease and smoothness of the project was a significant factor in the selection process. We couldn’t find equipment on the market that was technically suitable for us, but Enmac was able to deliver exactly the equipment that we needed,” says Myller.

Enmac designed an extension part for the loading area, which made it possible to place safety structures at the loading area. With the help of safety structures, loading can be carried out safely and efficiently. Based on preliminary planning, the customized electrically operated safety structures were dimensioned to fit the structures of the expanded loading area and the equipment in use, i.e. the project was able to utilize the structures that the customer already had. In addition, during the planning and installation phase, it had to be taken into account that the second loading line had to be available at all times, so that the normal operation of the factory would not be disturbed. The installations were carried out according to the plans.

Enmac’s project manager Tomi Järvinen, who worked as site supervisor in this project, says that the scope of the project brought its own challenges: “The project was quite challenging. At least one loading line had to be kept operational. Due to the scope of the project, various changes and additional work also appeared, which had to be resolved at a fast pace so that the completion would´t be delayed. However, the result was in line with expectations, after the project was completed. I was happy to go back to the office to work on new challenges. This was certainly the most interesting and rewarding project I’ve ever been involved in,” Järvinen rejoices.

In this project, Enmac’s scope of delivery included, safety structure delivery, the design, manufacture and delivery of the steel structure and foundations and pipelines of the expansion part. After the equipment delivery, Enmac carried out the equipment installations and the necessary expansion work at the loading site, including earthworks, foundations, steel structures and pipelines. The construction site was defined as a construction site, which brought additional requirements for monitoring work safety and operating on the construction site.

In addition to equipment installations and construction work, Enmac was responsible for the management and safety of the entire construction site. Petri Myller from Kemira describes cooperation with Enmac as effortless:

“We achieved synergistic benefits, i.e. we were able to acquire both the design and equipment delivery from the same supplier, which simplified the project considerably from our point of view. The whole cooperation worked excellent – project management and installation supervision went very well. In addition, the response times were short and things were taken up quickly, meaning the project progressed according to the schedule,” he tells.

Since 2014, Enmac has delivered various solutions in accordance with requirements and regulations for loading and unloading places. Jyri Halkola from Kotka, who works as a contact person for safety structures at Enmac, says: “Our service covers preliminary study, design, equipment delivery, installation, testing and commissioning. The customer’s requirements and wishes are the starting point on which we tailor the best solution. We know how to take into account the special requirements of different areas.

We also have a 3D laser scanning tool that allows us to document and describe existing environments in 3D and transfer the data to our design software to guide the design. At chemical loading and unloading sites, it is of the utmost importance to pay attention to occupational safety and ergonomics, but in addition, the development projects of the sites are also guided by the requirements and regulations set by environmental legislation.

At Enmac, we have accumulated solid experience in development projects aimed at safe working, for example in factories or areas where vehicles or trains are loaded and unloaded – thanks to this, we offer reliable systems tailored to eachproject and needs. We deliver CE-marked safety structures and loading arms on a turnkey basis. CE-marked and easy-to-use safety structures offer a reliable solution for safe working at height. Our safety structures are suitable, for example, for the unloading and loading places of tank trucks and trains in factories and liquid terminals. The model-protected frame of the safety structure meets the ergonomics and safety requirements of the SFS-EN ISO 14122-3 care level standard. We customize the safety structure with the functionality you want, cost-effectively. Our safety structures are suitable for explosive environments according to ATEX legislation.”

For more information about our safety structures see our references.

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