Our structural designers, Topi Moisio and Ahmed Ahmadi, are familiar with the compliance of products and deliveries subject to the construction product regulation.

Construction products such as concrete, steel and wood structures are essential parts of buildings that protect and serve us every day. The world of construction products is full of innovations and opportunities. They are much more than just materials; they are the basis of sustainable development and security, which shape our environment and improve our quality of life.

The EU construction product regulation ensures that these products meet high quality and safety standards, and the CE marking is a promise of product reliability and performance. This not only guarantees the safety and quality of construction products, but also facilitates their free movement in the EU internal market, which is vital for international trade and industrial competitiveness.

When we talk about construction products, we also talk about the environment and the future. Energy efficiency, noise reduction and accessibility are just some examples of how construction products can positively affect our lives and our environment. These aspects are key to creating more sustainable and comfortable operating environments for future generations.

The world of construction products is dynamic and constantly evolving, it offers endless opportunities for innovation and improvement. It is an industry that never stops, but always strives for a better, safer and more sustainable future.