High-quality mechanical engineering

We design and implement customer-oriented and high-quality solutions in areas such as machine design, production systems, vehicle and steel structure engineering.

Careful planning leads to savings

We will look to your needs comprehensively and commit to solving challenges. We assemble a team of Enmac professionals to serve you in the best possible way. With our help, projects of all sizes are realized with high quality, on time and within budget.

In mechanical engineering, we choose the software according to the task and need. Our designers use effective and appropriate tools. If necessary, we can also use your systems.

Installation accuracy and demonstrability with 3D laser scanning

We use a 3D laser scanning tool that allows us to document existing environments in 3D quickly, flexibly and accurately. The laser-scanned environment is transferred to the design software to guide the design. In a scanning situation, laser scanning improves work safety and enables measuring even in dangerous places. In the design software, the 3D environment increases installation accuracy and demonstrability. Laser scanning can be used for many different purposes, feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

Strength calculation ensures safety and efficiency

We use strength calculations to ensure the safety and functionality of the designed product and optimize manufacturing costs. Our typical calculation targets are various moving machines and machine parts, pressure equipment, load-bearing structures and composite and plastic structures. We always also take into account the local requirements. In the best case, thanks to the strength calculation, it is possible to avoid the production and testing of numerous prototypes, which take a lot of time and increase costs.

With the help of strength calculations, we optimize the amount of material used and material thicknesses to make the customer’s business more efficient. When the strength of the structures is ensured already in the early stages of planning, expensive and even dangerous design mistakes can be avoided. With the help of high-quality and accurate analyzes and simulations, we are able to improve processes and produce cost savings.

We carry out all structural and flow analyses, strength calculations, simulations, structural optimizations related to mechanical design, and solve technical problems arising from strength calculations.

Documentation, CE marking and testing complete the design

Thanks to the testing of prototypes, we are able to make your processes more efficient and bring cost savings. With professional 3D design, we also minimize the risks when using the final product.

We produce all the documents required for the CE marking of machines and equipment: spare part books, operation and maintenance manuals, risk analyzes and manufacturing and assembly instructions. If necessary, we also take overall responsibility for the development and maintaining of documentation.

We install and test the devices we design and offer maintenance and service. See our Service & Retrofit service.

New innovations and product development

Product development is also one of our services. We can help you with new innovations from the feasibility study, pre-design and conceptualization all the way to the commissioning of the product.

With our professional product development process, we create a product that optimally suits the needs of your business. The product development project package includes resource allocation, scheduling, specification of the supply and manufacturing chain, as well as prototype and trial production series manufacturing control.

In addition, you will always receive complete documentation of the project.

Our mechanical engineering services

  • Preliminary design and cost estimates
  • Product development
  • Strength calculations and structural analyses
  • Machine and equipment design
  • Work machine and vehicle design
  • Structural steel and concrete design
  • Design of production lines and equipment
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Lifting aid and transport equipment design
  • Installation supervision
  • Testing and commissioning services
  • Operating and maintenance instructions
  • CE documentation
  • Preparation of manufacturing documents


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