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Fall protection solutions

Fall protection solutions ensure safety and improve productivity

Work safely at heights with fall protection

When working at heights, it is critical to take care of work safety. Enmac delivers tailor-made fall protection structures that ensure safe working conditions at heights. Fall protection equipment accelerates, for example, the cargo handling of cars and trains. Seamless co-operation with the customer ensures the development of the best possible solution.  We are committed to fulfilling customers’ needs.

For factories as well as unloading sites and loading bays

The CE-marked fall protection structures are easy to use and provide a reliable solution for ensuring safe working conditions. The Enmac fall protection structures are perfectly suited for use in, for instance, factories, as well as the unloading sites and loading docks of cars and trains. Our products are designed with durability and safety as the first priority: safety structures eliminate falling hazards

Tailored, cost-effective fall protection equipment

The fall protection structures can be tailored cost-efficiently with functions selected by the customer. The frame, with a protected design, meets the ergonomic, well-being and safety requirements laid down in the SFS-EN ISO 14122-3 working platform standard.

200% faster unloading of lines of railway cars
3–5 hour time savings every day
1,500–2,000 hour time savings in a year

In the example case, the line of railway cars previously had to be transferred three times during the unloading process. Thanks to the new fall protection equipment, only one intermediate transfer had to be performed.

Delivery process of fall protection equipment

The Enmac fall-protection structures are always delivered in accordance with a standardised, turnkey delivery process. The Enmac team ensures that, due to our solution, your employees work safely and more productively.

Moveable throughout the performance level journey

Enmac has developed a safety structure that can be moved along the entire lorry. As a result of this innovation, only one set of stairs and a lift cage are required.

Suits facilities subject to explosion risk

Enmac fall protection equipment can also be used in the explosion-risk environments referred to in the ATEX legislation (ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU).

Saves time and expense

Fall protection lift cages can be moved easily by hand. Vehicles need not be transferred, making working effective and safe.

Fall protection in the eyes of our customers

‘Thanks to our customised fall protection equipment from Enmac, we can now skip the transfer of train cars. ‘This reduces dangerous functions connected with unloading, tubing, and sampling, and makes our work faster and more rational. The fall-protection equipment makes working under the demanding conditions of the port area safe and efficient.’
– Harri Luukkanen, Development & Process Engineer, Oiltanking Finland Oy.

‘Enmac’s fall protection equipment has significantly increased the work safety of the loading dock for liquid fuel tank cars. Enmac carried out the installations and all the work related to the fall-protection equipment. Wind, sleet and the adjacent sea made the circumstances challenging. But the installers did a professional job, and the results are great.’
– Harri Metsola, Terminal Manager, NEOT Group