Machinery and safety structures

Decades of experience at our customers’ disposal

Enmac’s roots are planted deep in machine and equipment design, which has also given the company its name (ENgineering MAChinery). In machine design, it is also important to be able to identify the required properties in addition to having technical expertise. 

Knowledge of the standards regulating various machines, historical information from several industrial sectors, knowledge of relevant equipment and industries, as well as practical experience, all add significantly to our design expertise.

Design that meets the requirements

Usually, equipment investment is not part of the customer’s core business, due to which the customer does not have the time or the expertise to design a machine that meets the necessary requirements. Enmac’s processes, work instructions, and other practices have been created for this particular purpose, and they are what make Enmac such an effective partner to provide support in connection with these kinds of investments.

Work safety as a competitive advantage

In Finland and Europe, the importance of work safety has increased significantly in the past 20 years. Work safety is also becoming increasingly important in Asia, as well. Enmac supports this development with the aid of various safety structures. Enmac has delivered dozens of safety structures that increase the work safety of our customers.

For many of our customers, the investment in work safety is one of the top priorities, and many also utilise it as a competitive advantage. Work safety and the safety of persons greatly influence Enmac’s equipment design – without compromising the effectiveness of the device or the work task. This balance is a significant factor in modern design.

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