Life cycle and environmental management

Environmental engineering expertise and solutions

All our services are based on life cycle thinking: considering the environmental requirements, statutory requirements, energy efficiency, and cost-effective operation and development of the plant.

In risk management, we always assess the environmental risks and the operational health and safety risks.

Our experts help customers design and realise the emission control of heat and power plants. We have strong expertise in ship flue gas scrubbers.

Conformity evaluation

Our experts review plant operations to ensure compliance with ever-stricter rules and regulations. Conformity is evaluated based on plant documentation, a tour of the plant and personnel interviews. The review’s report explains the plant’s status and any areas in need of further attention. Any need for updates in the documentation is also reviewed. In conjunction with the conformity evaluation, we also propose safety improvements for the plant.

Risk assessment, blast protection documentation and ATEX

Our expertise includes risk assessments, hazard analysis, chemical audits, safety documentation and updates, and ATEX classification for new plant projects and existing industrial and energy production plants.

Energy audits

Our certified experts can handle the statutory energy audits of big companies as well as the voluntary energy audits of municipalities and small and medium-sized enterprises. Energy audits analyse the energy consumption profiles of all company units, identify potential for energy savings and determine the appropriate energy efficiency measures.

Chemical handling and storage

We offer comprehensive services for chemical handling and storage. Our services include audits, risk assessments, design, procurement, and implementation monitoring. We can carry out chemical storage modification projects cost-effectively, including oil processing tank farms, pumping plants and industrial chemical processing sites.

Fire safety

We put operational safety above all else. A fire or chemical vapour leak in an industrial facility is a major safety risk for local residents and other operators. We use fire safety design and delivery project management to ensure total risk management at demanding sites.

Fuel stations

Environmental risk management is the cornerstone of operations at fuel stations. Our certified experts ensure safe, high-quality results in all environmental construction projects for fuel stations, whether for building new stations or modernising old ones.