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3D printed hydraulic block

Enmac designed orientation of the components in concept phase. Enmac specified suitable additive manufacturing methods and materials for the application. Additively manufactured hydraulic block was designed to fulfill the requirements. The structure was checked with FEA against pressure loads.

3D printed and optimized rack block

Enmac applied topology optimization to the load bearing corner block and designed the block to be manufactured by additive manufacturing / SLM (Selective Laser Melting). Necessary post-processing was considered in design to minimize manufacturing cost and delivery time.

Robot cell

Enmac developed a new automated and expandable production equipment and led the entire manufacturing and procurement process.

3D printed reflector holder

Enmac chose additive manufacturing / SLM as the manufacturing method after concept design and cost analysis. Part performance was improved due to ”free complexity” and manufacturing cost decreased over 80%. The number of manufactured parts decreased.

Renewed slurring process

Due to the new equipment placement, the working space improved and the bottlenecks causing blockage of the slurry process were broaden out.

Modernization of the carton plant´s mass section

Customer got a more efficient process with a fast schedule.

3D printed glue nozzle

Enmac redesigned the nozzle to be manufactured by additive manufacturing / SLM. The top design priorities were nozzle surface quality and small manufacturing cost. Minimizing post-processing and maximizing manufacturing accuracy was considered in design.

Fall protection for container handling

Enmac designed a new fall protection that can be lifted onto a container with a reach stacker or forklift.

Swivel platforms for train unloading station

Enmac developed hydraulic swivel platforms that were installed on the old drawbridges.  The new platforms cover the cap between drawbridges and train cars. The platforms can be turned out of the way under the drawbridges when unloading the regular size train cars.

Linearly movable fall protection for a chemical unloading area

Enmac developed a linearly movable and remote-controlled safety structure that fits the customer’s structures and the equipment they use. The delivery was completed in accordance with the turnkey principle. The tailor-made safety structure meets the requirements of the working platform standard.

Fall protection for a train unloading station

Enmac developed a safety structure that meets the requirements of the working platform standard and the customer’s varying equipment.

A pressure vessel for an autoclave

A pressure vessel for an autoclave that meets the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive. The customer can use it to test the parameters for a production autoclave.

Fall protection structures for a train loading station

Enmac developed a safety structure that fits the customer’s structures and the equipment they use. The delivery was completed in accordance with the turnkey principle. The tailor-made safety structure meets the requirements of the working platform standard.

New generation Logstacker

A machine that utilizes hybrid technology, digital hydraulics, lightweight construction and new design with affordable costs 

Laser module

Enmac designed the laser module casing as well as the internal mechanical parts and fibre webs.

Glass processing line

In cooperation with the customer, Enmac developed a modular bending line and took care of the documentation of product information. Both the design and documentation work was carried out online via a remote connection directly into the customer's database.

Assembly station with special tools

Enmac developed an assembly method and prepared plans for the required tools and lifting equipment.

Product development of a device for installing backfill material

Enmac developed a processing method and a related device concept that takes into consideration the criteria affecting product development, i.e. the planned size of the backfill blocks, the speed of the filling process and the dimensions and structure of the tunnel. The device created as a result of product development is almost entirely electromechanical. In addition to the design, Enmac will supervise the manufacturing of the prototype and take part in the testing of the prototype.

Structural analysis of exit gas scrubber

Enmac carried out the structural analysis and reporting. The amount of materials needed for the final product as well as material thicknesses were optimized with the help of FEM calculations.

Generator lifting device

In addition to the mechanical design, Enmac took care of structural analyses in accordance with the standards, completed CE documentation as well as manufacturing of the device on behalf of the customer.

Wind turbine lifting device

Enmac designed the device using a plate structure that evens out the loads. Structural analyses and CE documentation were carried out in accordance with the lifting device standard (SFS-EN 13155).

Oil spill response brush unit

Enmac designed the unit by utilizing high-strength steel and structural analysis and ensured that the desired goal was achieved in cooperation with skilled manufacturing partners.

Drilling platform modernization

Enmac carried out the technical design and structural analysis for the platform's drilling unit as well as the documentation required for the implementation of the project.

Bioethanol plant

Enmac took care of the plant and mechanical design in its entirety based on the customer's process specification.

Pumping set

Enmac designed a set of cooling machines that use seawater and in which the seawater pipelines are made of plastic and the closed-cycle cooling system is made of acid-resistant steel.

Enrichment plant

Enmac carried out the plant design project, designing modules that can be equipped at the workshop.

Mobile biogas power plant

Enmac modelled all parts of the prototype, prepared manufacturing and isometric drawings and improved the framework to make it more suitable for serial production.

Transportation platform for wind turbine

Enmac utilized high-strength steel and a box structure to develop the lightest possible transportation platform for a wind turbine.

Lifting and turning equipment for assembly

Enmac specified the lifting and turning events and designed the required equipment and also took care of the CE documentation for the equipment.

Valve testing station

Enmac designed, in cooperation with the customer's personnel, a testing station with a fully automatic work cycle.

Small gear product development

Enmac designed a small gear with the best possible level of cost-effectiveness using the Design-to-cost method. The design process took into consideration the desired cost price as well as other required features including torque and service life.

Saildrive product development

Enmac planned the dimensions and design of the saildrive shafts and bearings. This work was done in accordance with the finite service life theory in cooperation with a gear wheel manufacturer. The casting frame of the drive was designed on the basis of the designer's sketch.

Gear casting frame product development

Enmac took care of the casting design, structural analysis and consultation with the foundry.

Gear product development

Enmac designed the shafts, bearings, casting frame and other components based on the mesh loads received from the gear wheel manufacturer. The dimensions of all parts were designed in accordance with finite service life theory.

Coal tar pitch

Enmac designed the new tanks, pipelines and train loading areas in accordance with the requirements for demanding Nordic port conditions.

Turbine modernization for a nuclear power plant

Enmac provided a project manager who ensured that the replacement of the non-return valves, which are located in the plant's turbines and which are up to one metre in diameter, progressed smoothly. Project management followed the extremely high quality standards that apply to nuclear power plant projects.

Manufacturing plan for a fusion reactor chamber part within the ITER project

Enmac planned the manufacturing of the Divertor Cassette Body structure. In addition, Enmac designed the equipment needed to handle the structure as well as the vacuum vessel needed during the testing phase.

Quality and efficiency

All our projects are carried out in accordance with a certified operating system (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007) and in close cooperation with the customers.

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