Energy services

We provide services for existing plants and new projects

Our expertise comes from many domestic and international power plant deliveries involving different sizes of plant, renewable energy and waste recovery. We provide project and design services for our customers and take responsibility for project implementation, scheduling and the necessary design services.

We execute projects flexibly and according to the customer’s needs. We offer EPCM (engineering, procurement and construction management) for projects.

Heat and power plant registration and permits

We prepare the necessary environmental permits, plant registration documents, monitoring plans, and updates to other operational documentation for the design, construction and operational adjustment of heat and power plants.

Project services, Owner’s Engineer

We provide Owner’s Engineer services (owner’s representative) as well as Contractor’s Engineer services (specialist under the contractor). These services include project management, document management and other areas agreed with the customer.

In public contracts, we take care of the following for the customer: procurement document preparation, contract notice preparation, tender negotiation processes and tender review, contract documents and contract negotiations.

Delivery package and design monitoring

Enmac delivers high-quality turnkey solutions for industrial and energy sector customers, including quality control for delivery and installation, monitoring and worksite safety.

Plant, pipework, electrical and automation design

Enmac designs and can deliver all projects as turnkey installations. We have years of experience in plant, pipework, electrical and automation design projects of different sizes and scopes.

Energy concepts, waste energy recovery

We help our customers discover and utilise new technologies and energy concepts.

Energy concept reviews help our customers determine which technological implementations and cost structures suit them best. Our service includes renewable energy concepts, industrial waste energy recovery and new technologies such as carbon capture. We analyse the suitable technologies for each case and prepare the cost estimate and profitability calculations.

After the investment decision has been made, we help our customer realise their project with Enmac project services.