We transfer the data coming from the production line sensors to a network secured by firewalls and translate it into information that can be read from different end devices. Our service covers the entire chain from process automation to implementation. As a result there will be clear information that can be read from any device connected to the network.

From sensors to the cloud and on to the mobile devices

Digitalize your manufacturing process and monitor the status of the processes in real time. The system transfers the signals coming from the hardware into understandable information and you can get the information to your end device anywhere and anytime.

Track the status of production processes from your mobile device

You can safely monitor, for example, process trends, hardware condition, alarms, usage capacity or live data from your phone or computer. In addition, if necessary, you can remotely control or adjust the equipment.

We take care of hardware acquisitions, configurations, data export, protection and storage, as well as editing data into visual information for the browser environment.

We actively follow industry trends and constantly develop our service in such a way that the customer benefit can be maximized.

Our digitization service

  • System pre-planning and cost estimation
  • Equipment purchases
  • Configurations
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Product development
  • Remote services
  • Analysis services
  • Cloud platform management and maintenance
  • Updates
  • Digitalization of legacy systems

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Timo Hanhimäki

Director, digitalization

Western Finland

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