We design and implement loading and unloading systems individually for different needs. Our solid and long-standing experience ensures that the quality of our work matches the need. We have provided various, safe solutions for loading and unloading stations in accordance with requirements and regulations since 2014.

Our service covers preliminary studies, design, equipment delivery, installation, testing and commissioning. We tailor the best solution based on the customer’s requirements and needs. We take into consideration the special requirements of different areas. We also use a 3D laser scanning tool to help us document existing environments in 3D and import the data in our design software to guide the design.

At chemical loading and unloading stations, it is essential to pay attention to occupational safety and ergonomics, but in addition, site development projects are also guided by the requirements and regulations set by environmental legislation. At Enmac, we have accumulated solid experience in development projects aimed at safe work, such as at plants or areas where vehicles or trains are loaded and unloaded. We offer reliable Finnish CE-marked and customized fall protection structures and loading arms on a turnkey basis.

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We start by developing the safety and usability of the chemical loading or unloading station through preliminary design to determine the needs of each site. In this stage, we also look at issues related to chemical spillage handling and environmental issues. Based on the preliminary design, we design the most suitable solutions for the station regarding fall protection, loading and unloading arms, environmental safety, electrification and automation, among other things. In addition, the cost estimate prepared in connection with the preliminary design also makes applying for an investment permit easy. After the preliminary design, we offer and implement a turnkey delivery for the modernization of the entire loading area to the agreed extent.

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CE-marked and easy-to-use safety structures are a reliable solution for safe working at height. Our safety structures are suited for tanker and train unloading and loading stations at plants and liquid terminals, among others. The registered design of the safety structure meets the ergonomic and safety requirements of the SFS-EN ISO 14122-3 maintenance platform standard. We can cost-efficiently customize the safety structure with the functionalities desired. Our safety structures and fall protections are suitable for explosive atmospheres pursuant to ATEX legislation.

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Loading arms are used in terminals and facilities for loading various liquids, such as chemicals and fuels, from the plant’s process to a tanker or tank wagon. Unloading arms, on the other hand, are used for emptying the tank where the liquid is pumped into the plant process or a storage tank. Loading and unloading arms are available as both top and bottom arms, allowing a tanker to be loaded or unloaded without hoses.

By using loading and unloading arms, the loading or unloading process can be carried out safely and ergonomically, as the arms eliminate the need for handling heavy hoses and the risk of leakage and tripping caused by them. The loading arms can also be built with pneumatic relief, making handling effortless. Enmac’s loading and unloading arms are CE-marked products.

The dimensioning and functions of the loading and unloading arms must be matched with the environment of the loading site, so that the arm is suitable for use with the safety structure of the loading station and the loading arms are suited for the customer’s loading process. We always customize the materials and equipment of the loading arms according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

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Among others, the following acts and regulations regarding environmental safety must be considered at places where chemicals are loaded and unloaded:

  • Environmental Protection Act 527/2014
  • Act on safety in connection with handling of dangerous chemicals and explosive products 390/20055
  • Government Decree 856/2012 on the Control of the Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals
  • Government Decree 685/2015 on the Monitoring the Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals

Environmental protection and occupational safety are the key issues to be considered when determining the compliant implementation of a loading and unloading station. In addition to these, we have solid expertise in managing chemical leaks.

Safety reviews of loading and unloading stations are important in all terminals and factories where chemicals and other liquids are loaded or unloaded from tankers or tank wagons. We also customize solutions for existing loading and unloading stations to significantly improve their environmental safety.


The electrification of chemical loading and unloading stations includes the implementation of equipment, control systems and environmental systems related to the loading or unloading process, such as traffic lights, general lighting, fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems. The electrification, instrumentation and automation needs are defined already at the preliminary design stage, which minimizes changes during implementation, but also saves both time and costs. We always deliver with commissioning.

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When developing an existing loading or unloading stations or building a completely new one, the need for other design services also arises sometimes. At Enmac, we carry out challenging design assignments for different needs – typical design services related to loading and unloading stations include:

  • Structural steel design
  • Piping design
  • Structural concrete design
  • Risk assessments
  • Project management services

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Maintenance services ensure that the maintenance and inspections of equipment are carried out in accordance with the predefined maintenance schedule, and that the equipment remains in working order without malfunctions caused by negligent maintenance. The content and scope of maintenance services are always determined according to the needs of the site.


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