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At chemical loading and unloading sites, it is vital to pay attention to occupational safety and ergonomics, but site development projects are also guided by requirements and decrees laid down in environmental legislation. At Enmac, we have accumulated solid experience with development projects aiming at safe work, for example, at factory sites or other areas where vehicles or trains are loaded and unloaded – and this means we are able to offer reliable, customised products and services to suit each project and to meet your needs. Enmac’s CE-marked fall protection structures and loading arms are made in Finland and supplied on a turnkey basis.

Development of the safety and usability of a chemical loading or unloading site begins with preliminary design, which helps us to ascertain the needs of each site. Based on the preliminary design, we then design the most suitable solutions for the site for factors such as fall protection, loading and unloading arms, environmental safety, electrification, and automation. In addition, a cost estimate drawn up during the preliminary design phase makes it easier to apply for an investment permit.

After preliminary design, we draw up a quote and modernise the loading site to the agreed extent on a turnkey basis.


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Jyri Halkola
Director, Enmac Kotka
Plant and process engineering, loading and unloading equipment
Tel. +358 40 724 5596

Work safely at height with fall protection

Occupational safety is critical when working at height. Fall protection not only provides safety, it also increases productivity.


Fall protection refers to safety structures that help to ensure safe work at height. As the name suggests, it removes the danger of falling, but it also makes vehicle and train loading and unloading processes smoother. We have amassed a range of expertise with our customised fall protection deliveries to meet a variety of needs in different applications.




We design CE-marked and easy to use fall protection that is suitable for use at vehicle and train loading and unloading sites at factories and liquid terminals, for example. The fall protection can also be cost-effectively customised with any functionalities the customer wishes to include. Fall protection designed by Enmac can also be used in explosive atmospheres pursuant to ATEX legislation (Equipment for explosive atmospheres ATEX 2014/34/EU). The fall protection frame also meets ergonomic and safety requirements outlined in the SFS-EN ISO 14122-3 permanent means of access standard.


A reliable and expert partner for you

We design and deliver customised fall protection to meet the customer’s needs in accordance with a standardised turnkey process: The Enmac team ensures that our solution will help your employees to work more safely and productively.



Process phases

  • Preliminary design. The customer’s requirements and wishes are ascertained and used as a basis to develop the best possible solution.
  • Equipment delivery. Detailed and custom design also takes Nordic and coastal conditions into account. Equipment functionality is tested to precision.
  • Deployment of the finished product. We make sure that the delivered fall protection is ready for use at the customer’s site in accordance with the agreed schedule.



Why use fall protection?

Fall protection not only improves occupational safety, it also makes work more efficient and thereby saves significant amounts of time. For example, when unloading liquid loads at train unloading sites, instead of moving the train cars three times, the fall protection system meant that the process could be carried out by moving the cars just once.

The example project achieved the following benefits:

  • the train cars could be unloaded in half the time
  • this meant time savings of 3-5 hours per day, and
  • time savings of 1500–2000 hours per year

In addition, the safety structure we designed could be moved along the entire length of a lorry, which meant that the unloading process requires only a single set of steps and a lift cage. The fall protection’s lift cage can be moved manually, so there is no need to move any vehicles – making work effective and safe!



“The fall protection that Enmac customised for us mean that we can avoid moving train cars. This reduces dangerous activities relating to unloading, tubing, and sampling, speeds up operations, and makes our work more enjoyable. The fall protection ensures that our work in the challenging conditions of the port area is safe and effective.”

Harri Luukkanen, Development & Process Engineer, Advario Finland Oy.


“Enmac’s fall protection significantly increased occupational safety at the loading site for liquid fuel tank cars. Enmac carried out the installations and related work for all of the fall protection structures. Wind, sleet, and the nearby sea made conditions challenging. Enmac’s engineers did a professional job with great results.”

Harri Metsola, Terminal Manager, NEOT Group


“Occupational safety is especially important for Advario Finland, and our aim is zero accidents. Enmac’s safety structures at our pine oil loading and unloading sites meet Advario Finland’s occupational safety and ergonomics requirements.”

Olli Manninen, Maintenance and Design Manager, Advario Finland Oy



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Jyri Halkola
Director, Enmac Kotka
Plant and process engineering, loading and unloading equipment
Tel. +358 40 724 5596

Loading arms are used at terminals and plants to load various liquids, such as chemicals and fuels, from the plant process to tankers and train cars. An unloading arm on the other hand is used to empty a tank, typically from above, by pumping liquid to the plant process or storage tank.



By using loading and unloading arms, it is possible to load and unload the liquid safely and ergonomically, plus using the arms means that you can avoid handling heavy hoses, which can leak and pose a risk of tripping. Loading and unloading arms are also available as bottom loading arms, which make it possible to load or unload the tanker lorry from below without using hoses. Enmac’s loading and unloading arms are CE-marked products.



The dimensioning and functions of the loading and unloading arms are implemented to be suitable for the loading site environment so that the arm can be used with the fall protection at the site and is suitable for the customer’s loading process. The arms’ materials and equipment are always customised to meet the customer’s needs and requirements.



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Jyri Halkola
Director, Enmac Kotka
Plant and process engineering, loading and unloading equipment
Tel. +358 40 724 5596

The environmental safety laws and legislation listed below must be followed at chemical loading and unloading sites:

  • Environmental Protection Act (Ympäristönsuojelulaki 527/2014)
  • Act on safety in connection with handling of dangerous chemicals and explosive products (Laki vaarallisten kemikaalien ja räjähteiden käsittelyn turvallisuudesta 390/2005)
  • Government Decree on Safety Requirements for Industrial Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals (Valtioneuvoston asetus vaarallisten kemikaalien teollisen käsittelyn ja varastoinnin turvallisuusvaatimuksista 856/2012)
  • Government Decree on the Monitoring of the Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals (Valtioneuvoston asetus vaarallisten kemikaalien käsittelyn ja varastoinnin valvonnasta 685/2015)


Environmental protection and occupational safety are key areas to inspect when specifying the implementation of a regulation-compliant loading and unloading site. We also have solid expertise in managing chemical leaks.


Safety inspections at loading an unloading sites should be carried out at all terminals and factories where chemicals or other liquids are loaded or unloaded from tanker lorries or train cars. We also customise solutions for existing loading and unloading sites to help to significantly improve the sites’ environmental safety.


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Markus Merta
Business Unit Manager
Energy and environment
Tel. +358 40 773 8758

The electrification of chemical loading and unloading sites includes equipment related to the loading and unloading process as well as implementations for the environment, such as lighting, fire alarms, and fire extinguishing ssystems. Electrification, instrumentation and automation needs are specified during the preliminary design phase in order to minimise changes during implementation and to save time and money. We always carry out the deployment of our deliveries.


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Juha Palmén
Director, Enmac Pori and Rauma
Automation and application engineering
Tel. +358 400 592 303

When developing an existing loading or unloading site, or building an entirely new one, you may find that you need other engineering services, too. At Enmac, we carry out even challenging engineering commissions for a range of needs – typical engineering services at loading and unloading sites include:

  • Steel structure design
  • Piping, installation, and process design
  • Concrete structure design
  • Risk assessments
  • Project management services



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Jyri Halkola
Director, Enmac Kotka
Plant and process engineering, loading and unloading equipment
Tel. +358 40 724 5596

Servicing and maintenance services ensure that equipment maintenance and inspections are carried out in advance in accordance with a specified maintenance programme and that the equipment remains operational without any disruption arising from neglected maintenance. The content and scope of our servicing and maintenance services are always specified to meet the needs of the site.


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Jyri Halkola
Director, Enmac Kotka
Plant and process engineering, loading and unloading equipment
Tel. +358 40 724 5596