Our staff is our most important resource

When we get our hands on a new case, we like to try out different things, as two different problems are hardly ever solved by using the same exact means.

While our thoughts may reach for the stars, our feet are firmly planted on Tellus. We know and acknowledge the limits of our knowledge–but do not mistake this for typical Finnish modesty. Quite to the contrary: We are a damned good team, and each of us helps our coworkers do even better. Together we turn problems into complete sets of solutions–and let our clients sleep peacefully at night.

So, what is it with us and problem-solving? In short, we enjoy the challenge of it. We get most excited when we turn your problems first into challenges and then into solutions. Not a few pieces here and there–we deliver complete packages of complete solutions.
We are an engineering company that solves problems!

It should be pointed out that our problems do not solve themselves– that is the job of our nearly 200-strong team, who work in five offices and use the latest equipment and software. We take good care of our staff, our equipment and our atmosphere at work. Our employees have all the opportunities to develop professionally and advance their careers in specialist work or project management– no one here is left treading water. In this house, we know that a happy staff is our most important resource!

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Would you like to join our team?

Our working language is Finnish, so if you want to work at Enmac, you must know how to speak and write Finnish. Our recruitment system is also in Finnish. You can apply for a job or register in our recruitment system from the links below.

A pioneering workplace

NMAC Group’s Enmac is a Future Workplace certified employee. The Future Workplace certificate is granted to employers whose workplace culture is lead with exceptional employee insight and who promote comprehensive employee well-being. The Future Workplace certificate is the sign of a pioneering workplace.

Employee development

With the Enmac Academy training programme and other training opportunities, we ensure that our employees receive the latest information and best practices from the industry to support their competence. We support our employees’ personal development, and our challenging tasks develop their skills continuously.

Occupational health

Our staff enjoy extensive occupational health services and regular health examinations. We also invest in making our work stations as ergonomic as possible.


Our staff is our most important resource, and we do our best to look after them! We promote well-being at work through various shared activities and extensive occupational health services. We also want to promote employee well-being outside of working hours, which is why we offer our staff members the Epassi benefit solution, which can be used to pay for sports, culture, well-being and commuting expenses. In addition to this, each of our offices has a local well-being committee that plans various events and practical measures to support employee well-being!


We are committed to building a responsible engineering company, one decision at a time. Our work is far from finished, but we are on the right track to responsible operations. We do this because it is the right thing to do, and because our clients expect it of us and will continue to increasingly do so in the future.

Our work is of high-quality and comprehensive, and we are known as a one-stop provider of solutions. Our high quality is what allows us to succeed as a business.

We want to be the most personalised and customer-oriented engineering company in the market. Our clients always know the names and faces of the people they are dealing with, and we make sure that every one of them receives personalised service. We always put our customers’ needs first, never the other way around!