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The deepening partnership encourages challenging typical solutions

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The cooperation between Enmac and Tampereen Konepajat Oy has deepened into a partnership in two years. The operations started from an individual design project have expanded rapidly, and currently Enmac acts as a design partner for its subsidiaries Geomachine Oy, ProSilva Oyj and Peatmax Oy in addition to Tampereen Konepajat.

The rapid development of cooperation has been influenced by Enmac’s wide range of expertise and experience in various industries. Independence from various design software and professional staff have ensured that Enmac has been able to meet the needs of the entire customer group for mechanical design, conceptualization, product development, FEM calculation, and the preparation of manufacturing and CE documentation. Tampere Machine Shops have correspondingly high expertise in manufacturing techniques and manufacturability. The combination of core strengths and close cooperation have guaranteed the high efficiency and quality of project implementation.

“Enmac has always maintained the high level of professionalism of its staff and strived to comprehensively develop the organization’s operations so that we can serve our customers in various challenges with high quality,” says CEO Juha Ritala. “As the partnership develops, fresh ideas emerge and the courage to challenge industry-specific solutions,” Ritala continues

Juhani Lehti, CEO of Tampereen Konepajat Oy, is satisfied with the cooperation with Enmac. “Our needs have been listened to and answered flexibly. The discussion that took place during the projects has led to the efficiency of the design work and innovative solutions that improve the total costs, ”says Lehti. The co-operation will continue in the future and a good dialogue will be the basis for the deepening of the confidential partnership.