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Enmac supports Fortum in various areas of design

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Enmac has been cooperating with Fortum Waste Solution, a supplier of wastewater treatment systems, since 2017. Wastewater treatment systems are typically associated with the treatment of wastewater from various industrial processes.

Enmac’s role in the collaboration has been to support Fortum in various areas of design, such as process, layout, steel structure and pipeline design. The core of process design comes from Fortum, which is a specialist in this technology. Enmac refines the process plan and designs everything else needed around the process. During the planning process, the necessary risk analyzes are prepared and issues related to operational and process safety are duly taken into account.

Electrical and automation plans are also an integral part of wastewater treatment systems. If required, deliveries of the entire control system up to installation and commissioning are part of Enmac’s service offering. Jyri Halkola, Director of Enmac’s Kotka unit, says that the projects are interesting because they are very different and in all projects we always learn something new.

Teppo Tuomanen, Fortum’s Water Team Director, describes the cooperation with Enmac as expert and flexible. Sometimes during projects there has been a need to make changes and additions to the systems. In these situations, Enmac has been able to determine the effects of the changes and draw up plans on a fast schedule without compromising on quality. Thanks to good reporting the client is always aware of the progress of the project.