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Enmac is involved in planning massive port changes in Pori

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The changes in Pori’s Kallonlahti port are related to concentrate handling investments in the Pori port area. The project is the largest of its kind in the entire Pori region at the moment. The project involves the unloading, pre-treatment, transport, storage and further processing of ore concentrate (mainly nickel or copper concentrate) imported into the port.

Enmac’s part in the project is preliminary layout design as well as detailed pre-design of equipment assemblies for concentrate pretreatment and transportation. In addition, Enmac acts as an expert on technical issues at the Port of Pori. The challenge in designing the layout phase was to position the conveyor system so that it would seamlessly support other port functions. As the planning has become more precise, the aim has been to solve the challenges of concentrate processing, e.g. dusting and crushing the formed Kamis, or lumps.

Solutions were sought in terms of concentrate properties, with the goal of the world’s best handling and transport equipment that takes environmental requirements into account. Enmac has been planning for similar environments with the Port of Pori for a long time, so the conditions and personnel are familiar. “Dealing with Enmac is as smooth and straightforward as the direct routes of the Port of Pori!”, Sums up Kai Heinonen, Development Manager of the Port of Pori.

“Experience with the maintenance of existing conveyor equipment will be taken into account in the new plans. We have the necessary wide-ranging expertise to solve different challenges under one roof, which enables the success of the whole, ”says Katri Laine, Enmac’s project manager.

Currently, the Kallonlahti port project is still in progress, and the project is progressing according to the overall project schedule.