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Enmac invests in growth with the support of Korona Invest

Enmac Oy, an expert company implementing demanding expert services, technical design, product development services, as well as safety structures and customized system deliveries, aims for strong growth. Korona Invest, a private equity investor specializing in financing growth companies, joined the implementation of the growth plan as a partner and principal owner of the personnel owners.

“An essential part of Enmac’s strategy is to pursue growth so that the quality of the company’s operations and the expertise valued by our customers can be maintained and further strengthened. We believe that Korona Invest will contribute strong expertise to the implementation of our growth plan, especially when we aim for growth through acquisitions. If successful, the expansion of operations will also offer our personnel excellent development opportunities in the face of new types of challenges, ”says Juha Ritala, CEO.

“The key goal of growth and expansion of services is to be able to serve our customers more comprehensively with our knowledgeable professionals. We therefore invite our customers and partners to discuss future competence and development needs with us. We now have an even better ability to meet these challenges, ”adds Sampo Siuko, Sales Director.

“Enmac’s customer-oriented services that require demanding technical know-how, quality and expertise, as well as significant customer references in the technology industry and in the energy and environmental sectors, are a strong indication of the company’s ability to serve its customers reliably. I believe that we will be able to support Enmac in implementing its growth strategy with the experience gained with several of our growth companies, ”says Juho Mäkiaho of Korona Invest.

Korona Invest is a Finnish private equity investor specializing in financing growth companies. Korona Invest makes responsible investments, independently of the industry, in growth-capable and capable companies with a turnover of EUR 2–20 million and a profitable business. www.koronainvest.fi.