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Customized and CE marked lifting equipment directly to the customer

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Enmac has more than 35 years of experience in the design and delivery of lifting and handling equipment. The starting point is that the lifting and transfer aid designed for the application meets the safety requirements. Occupational safety is always a priority. A well-designed tool also makes work more efficient, for example by reducing the preparation time required for lifting. We design and deliver customized lifting and transfer aids ready for use and CE-marked directly to the customer.

Our long-term and comprehensive expertise in lifting and handling equipment consists of various lifting equipment structures as well as expertise in lifting equipment and environments. A challenging requirement for a lifting aid is often the specific shape of the part to be lifted or the limiting factors in the lifting environment. “The requirements are taken into account in the design and we implement all our projects in accordance with the processes of our certified quality system, product quality and safety first,” says Key account manager Antti Lehtokannas.

SRV’s fleet manager Tapio Kaikkonen is satisfied with Enmac’s lifting equipment delivery. Enmac has been SRV’s design partner for many years, and through effective cooperation, it was natural to choose Enmac as a supplier of a customized lifting equipment. Enmac’s lifting aid was of high quality and documented. We would not have received a lifting aid that meets the requirements for the Tampereen Kansi Project site directly from the store, says Kaikkonen.

Dan Björgskog, CEO of Nordpipe Composite Engineering Oy, is also satisfied with the functionality of the cooperation and the delivery of Enmac’s lifting equipment. “Enmac worked flexibly on a tight project schedule and delivered a compliant custom lifting aid to NCE for the installation of VSFX containers.