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Our COVID-19 relese

Dear Partner,

Enmac Oy has implemented COVID19 epidemic procedures to ensure our service capability. We want to act responsibly towards our customers and our personnel, so we are constantly monitoring the situation and responding to government regulations.

Our company has advanced remote tools and processes in use for remote work management, and our personnel has access to all necessary design data via VPN connections. Privacy policies have also been updated to meet the demands of data secrecy.

In addition to telephone and email, we use MS Teams and Cisco Webex video conferencing for project meetings.

We want to make sure that our customers can achieve their business goals during the epidemic and we are ready to serve you in your projects. For more information, please contact Juha Ritala, CEO +358 45 657 9213 juha.ritala@enmac.fi and Sampo Siuko, Sales Director +358 40 511 4747 sampo.siuko@enmac.fi

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